Planning Commissioners

City Mayor Designee - Mark Kelly
County Mayor Designee - Bill Kimbrough
City Council Representative - Richard Garrett
City Appointees - Richard Swift (Chairman),Maria Jimenez, Wade Hadley
County Appointees - Thom Spigner, Bryce Powers (Vice - Chairman)
County Commission Representative - Larry Rocconi

  • Regional Planning Commission - Clarksville, Montgomery County

    The Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Planning Commission (CMC-RPC) is an independent body established in 1963 under State Law. The Commission consists of nine members serving the community and is selected on the following basis . Under the law, the County Mayor and the City Mayor or their designees always serve on the Planning Commission during their terms of office. The remaining members are nominated for appointment by the County Mayor and the City Mayor; however, the Tennessee State Planning Office actually designates or appoints the other members of the Commission. The Planning Commissioners serve four-year terms. One Planning Commissioner will serve on the Regional Historic Zoning Commission as required by State law.

    The composition of the Regional Planning Commission is as follows:

    (1)        City Mayor/designate
    (2)        County Mayor/designate
    (3)        City Council Member, chosen by City Mayor
    (4)        County Commissioner, chosen by County Mayor
    (5)        Three appointments made by the City Mayor
    (6)        Two appointments made by the County Mayor

    A full-time planning staff employed by the Commission carries out all administrative activities. This agency provides technical and planning assistance in coordinating actions among federal, state, regional, and local governments.The basic function and duty of the Planning Commission is to make and adopt a general regional plan for the physical development of the territory of the region.The plan is for the general purpose of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted, efficient, and economic development of the region.

    Its plans entail reducing the wastes of financial and human resources which result from either excessive congestion or excessive scattering of population, and tend toward an efficient and economic utilization, conservation, and production of the supply of food, water, minerals, and other resources, as well as drainage, sanitary, and other facilities.

    The Regional Planning Commission has ten employees on staff to oversee rezoning within the Clarksville-Montgomery County area, review subdivision development, and coordinate transportation planning within the Clarksville-Montgomery County area. As noted earlier, CMC-RPC processes and reviews requests for zoning changes, review and approval of subdivisions within Clarksville and Montgomery County, Tennessee.We also process all site reviews for the City and County which are required in many zone districts including proposed multi-family, commercial, and industrial projects.

    Also, the CMC-RPC is responsible for carrying out the City and County's short and long range planning activities. Assigning and maintaining the E-911 addressing for the City of Clarksville is a vital role of the RPC and its staff. We have two employees that are involved in transportation planning activities. These staff members are funded through federal, state and some local.