• GIS Mapping

    GIS (geographic information system) is a system for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth. In the strictest sense, it is a computer system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing, sharing, and displaying geographically-referenced information. In a more generic sense, GIS is a tool that allows users to create interactive queries (user created searches), analyze the spatial information, edit data, maps, and present the results of all these operations.

  • The Planning Commission and GIS

    The Regional Planning Commission uses GIS for many different types of applications. In the simplest form, GIS is used for the production of visual aids, maps, and reports for the various information housed in databases at the office. From that we are able to analyze and produce information and answers to questions posed regarding land use, infrastructure, zoning, and environmental concerns. Database information is edited and updated here and other offices around the county and then shared through the GIS provider of Montgomery County, APSU GIS Center.

    The Planning Commission offers services regarding GIS and its applications to various city and county offices, as well as the private sector. For maps or information not found on this website, please visit the website of the APSU GIS Center.

    For all other information please contact Sonny Emmert - sonny.emmert@cityofclarksville.com. Fees for information will be based on the size of map requested, number of files needed, and amount of analyzing needed to complete the request.