• Design Review Overlay Districts

    Madison Street
    Downtown Overlay
    Historic Zoning

    Madison Street and Downtown Overlays

    The Clarksville-Montgomery County Common Design Review Board was established to review and to issue Certificates of Appropriateness to improvement projects within the Madison Street Corridor Overlay District, the Downtown Overlay District and any other design overlays subsequently created by the City Council.  The Board reviews any project that requires demolition of contributing structures, new construction, exterior architectural modifications, relocation of buildings, and changes to sidewalks, parking lots and lighting. Signage and awnings, exterior repair and painting, in-kind window replacements, and landscaping may be reviewed at a Staff Level if all objective standards are met.
  • Historic Districts

    The Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Historic Zoning Commission was established in order that appropriate measures may be taken to ensure protection and preservation of structures of historical value to the Clarksville-Montgomery County area. The creation of the commission allows for a review process to protect the historic and/or architectural value of buildings or other structures within its jurisdiction. The Commission can recommend to the City Council and the County Commission the establishment of historic districts in an effort to protect the historic buildings or other structures from encroachment of surrounding uses which diminish or lessen their significance. The Commission has the authority to establish design guidelines to regulate exterior design, arrangement, texture, and materials proposed to be used within the historic districts to ensure compatibility, as well as, to create an aesthetic appearance which complements the historic buildings or other structures. Activities carried out by the Commission are in an effort to:

    1) Stabilize and improve property values,
    2) Foster civic beauty,
    3) Strengthen the local economy, and
    4) Promote the use of historic district for the education, pleasure and welfare of the present and future citizens of Clarksville and Montgomery County.

    The ultimate goal of the Commission is to make the public aware of the value of the historic building stock of the local.

    For maps of Historic Areas please see the GIS/Mapping area of the site.

    For questions or other inquiries regarding Common Design Review please contact: Brent Clemmons, Brent.clemmons@cityofclarksville.com,