• Minor Plats

    If a piece of property was subdivided after November of 1995 then the property will have to be platted through Minor Plat provisions prior to the issuance of a building permit. This includes all property and all subdivisions. This is to be certain of the plats ability to meet all zoning and subdivision regualtions of the City of Clarksville and Montgomery County.

  • Minor Plats Process

    Once it is determined by either City or County Building and Codes that a Minor Plat will be required the first step is for the property owner to have the tract in question surveyed to meet all zoning and subdivision regualtions. Once the survey is complete a copy for review will need to be submitted to the Regional Planning Commission Office along with a filing fee (Fee Schedule ) and application.

    The plat is reviewed by a staff member, any changes to the minor plat will be presented to the surveyor in writing or the plat will be released for signatures. It is the applicants responsibility to obtain all the signatures from the appropriate department(s)/agencies. Once all the signatures have been obtained the owner will need to sign the plat and have their signature notarized. The Secretary of the Regional Planning Commission is the last signature to obtain prior to the recording of the minor plat.

    For Questions or other inquiries regarding Minor Plats contact: Brad Parker at brad.parker@cityofclarksville.com

    Minor Plats Application Checklist