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  • Zoning Process & Resolutions

    The Zoning Process begins with either the application of a property owner or the petition of the Regional Planning Commission to change the existing zoning to better conform with surrounding uses or make more efficient use of the property in question. The Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Planning Commission is specifically responsible for the recommendations concerning the rezoning of the land in the City and County. Recommendations of cases within the jurisdiction of the City Limits of Clarksville are passed along to the elected City Council. Once a case is passed to the City Council it will have to pass two readings before the Zoning Ordinance will be changed and the new zoning reflected. Likewise, cases within the jurisdiction of only Montgomery County will be heard by the County Commission. However, unlike the City process the County cases will only be heard one time. For more information on the procedures regarding the Zoning Process see the Procedural Checklist

    City Zoning Ordinance  

    County Zoning Resolution