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Zoning Cases

Case # Map General Location Rezoning Request
Z-47-2020 map icon Property fronting on Shelby St ~1,660 feet north of intersection with Providence Blvd. R-3 to R-6
Z-48-2020 map icon Property located west of the S Rosewood Dr. & Turner Reynolds Ct. intersection R-2 to R-6
Z-49-2020 map icon Property west of the Ft Campbell Blvd. & Lady Marion Dr. intersection & east of West Fork Creek C-5 to R-4
CZ-22-2020 map icon Property fronting on Durham Rd ~1,050 feet north of the intersection with highway 41-A South intersection AG to C-5
CZ-23-2020 map icon Property fronting on US Hwy 79/Dover Rd ~3,220 feet east of intersection with Liberty Church Rd. R-1 to R-4/C-5
ZO-04-2020 Floodway Overlay Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment Ordinance
CZO-3-2020 Floodway Overlay Zoning Resolution Text Amendment Resolution


Maps and Plats are preliminary and subject to change before the Planning Commission meeting.

Case # Map Plat Name
S-95-2020 map icon plat Longview Ridge
S-105-2020 map icon plat Richhaven Rd. Right of Way Dedication
S-109-2020 map icon plat Connector Commercial Development
S-111-2020 map icon plat Development Court Right of Way Dedication
S-113-2020 map icon plat Broomfield Farms
S-114-2020 map icon plat Lots of Cooper Creek Section 2
S-116-2020 map icon plat The Townhomes at Glenstone
S-118-2020 map icon plat Lisenbee Fields

Site Reviews

Maps and Plans are preliminary and subject to change before the Planning Commission meeting.

Case # Map Plan Name
AB-03-2020 map icon James Corlew, Sr Road Abandonment Request
SR-43-2020 map icon site plan 1960 Batts Lane Apartments
SR-44-2020 map icon site plan The Villas at Charleston Oaks
SR-45-2020 map icon site plan Nashville Ready Mix