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Current Cases

Additional Information

RPC Meeting Tuesday, April 27 @ 2PM

Note plans attached to the case numbers may not be the most current as we update the system.


Case # General Location Plan of Service
A-1-2021 Lands West and North of Shaw Drive A-1-2021 Plan of Service

Zoning Cases

Case # Map General Location Rezoning Request


map icon Property fronts on the east side of intersection of Cedarcroft and Ussery Rd E-1 to PUD-1


Cedarcroft Terrace Planned Unit Development (PUD) Site Plan E-1 to PUD-1
Z-13-2021 map icon Property located at the northeast corner of Madison St and Tanglewood Dr intersection R-1 to C-5
Z-15-2021 map icon Property located northwest corner of Oak St and Mann Circle intersection R-3 to R-4


map icon Property on north side of E Boy Scout Rd ~1,450 ft west of Needmore Rd AG/C-2 to R-4


map icon Property on south side of Barker St, west of Walnut Dr R-2 to R-6
Z-22-2021 map icon Property fronting west side of Evans Rd. north of Shaw Dr. RM-1 to R-1
Z-23-2021 map icon Property east of Trenton Rd, fronting north side of Gibbs Ln. AG to R-2
Z-24-2021 map icon Property located on New South Dr, south of Hwy 76 C-4 to C-2
CZ-07-2021 map icon Property located on Trough Springs Rd, west of I-24. AG to R-1
CZ-08-2021 map icon Property located south of Trough Springs Rd, east of Sango Rd. AG to R-1
CZ-10-2021 map icon Property located on Hwy 76, across from Port Royal Rd. AG to E-1


Maps and Plats are preliminary and subject to change before the Planning Commission meeting.
Case # Map Plat Name
S-04-2021 map icon plat Old Spees Acres
S-25-2001 map icon plat Batson Property North Edgewood Place Lots 1&2
S-29-2021 map icon plat Grant Farms
S-30-2021 map icon plat Lylewood Hills
S-31-2021 map icon plat Liberty Park 7

Site Reviews

Maps and Plans are preliminary and subject to change before the Planning Commission meeting.
Case # Map Plan Name
SR-20-2021 map icon site plan Professional Park, Lot 2
SR-21-2021 map icon site plan Cigar Hill
SR-22-2021 map icon site plan Mark Boles Property
SR-23-2021 map icon site plan Sango Ridge Townhomes
SR-24-2021 map icon site plan Byard Business Park
SR-25-2021 map icon site plan Project Alice
SR-26-2021 map icon site plan Summerfield Townhomes, Phase 2