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Comprehensive Plan

Additional Information

In April 2022 the RPC, along with a host of City, County, and Regional stakeholders, will embark on a once-in-a-decade study of our land use and future. This is something the RPC has not undertaken since 1999 and is an important guide to future development city and countywide. Without a plan or vision, what do we truly hope to accomplish when it comes to our development patterns, job and housing growth, transportation, and public facilities? This Comprehensive Plan is a key piece in gathering input from the public, city and county departments, and other non-profits and businesses who live and work here in Clarksville and greater Montgomery County. The RPC has enlisted the assistance of an award-winning Planning Firm, Houseal Lavigne, which has worked with over 400 other communities, several like ours, in assessing and delivering a Comprehensive Plan.

Final Deliverable


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Resource Documents

The following documents have been collected and reviewed by the RPC Staff and Consulting Team to inform the basis of the plan

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Resource Documents
2040 Growth Plan
Land Use Plan
Clarksville City Parks and Rec Masterplan
Montgomery County Parks and Rec Masterplan
Greenway and Blueway Master Plan
2040 MPO Master Transportation Plan
Transportation 2020 Plus
CGW Water Master Plan
CMCSS 10 Year Plan 2020-2030
APSU Campus Edge Masterplan
EDC Labor Study
Ft Campbell (Joint Land Use Study) JLUS
Ft Campbell Economic Impact Analysis
Airport Master Plan


The Comprehensive Plan is being guided by the RPC which also acts as the Steering Committee. Two other committees have been formed to capture data, expertise, experiences, and opinions. The Technical Committee is comprised of City and County Department Heads or representatives and other local or regional government entities that the RPC works with frequently or that impact our daily lives such as APSU and Ft. Campbell. The final committee is the Stakeholder or Citizens Committee. This is a select group of citizens that represent a variety of employment, ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities that will give the RPC a true sounding board of ideas before engaging the larger public.

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Steering Committee Technical Committee Stakeholder (Citizens) Committee
Richard Swift Mayor Golden (County Mayor) Alejandro Herrara
Bryce Powers Mayor Pitts (City Mayor) Belinda Martinez
Bill Kimbrough Lee Harrell (County Chief of Staff) Betty Barnet
Maria Jimenez James Halford (City Chief of Staff) Brian DeSantis
Stacey Streetman Ben Browder (CGW) Burton Coleman
Wade Hadley TBD (Bi-County / Clean and Green) Chris Shank
Thom Spigner Chris Brown (Ft. Campbell) Christian Black
Larry Rocconi Ihab Habib(Clarksville Street Dept.) David B. Smith
Micheal Long David “Buck” Dellinger (EDC) David McGuire
David Crockarell (Chief CPD) Derek Flanigan
David Smith (City Building and Codes) Dustyn Brewer
Dennis Newburn (Neighborhood & Community Services) Elaina Russell
Ed Baggett (County Emergency Management) Elizabeth Adamski
Elizabeth Quinton (Downtown Commons) Isaac Wright
Erinne Hester (County Assessor of Property) Jamie Roland
Freddie Montgomery (Chief CFR) Jennifer McMillion
Garth Branch (CGW) Jessica Phillips-Breznican
TBD (TDOT) Jim Little
Jeff Bryant (County Highway Supervisor) Jimmie M. Garland
Jennifer Letourneau (City Parks and Rec) Joann Garcia
Jessica Hill (GNRC) Jody Isaacs
Jimmy Edwards (County EMS) John Crespo
Jobe Moore (CFR) Kacie Bryant
John Atkins (Cunningham Utility Dist.) Khandra Smalley
John Doss (County Stromwater) Karen Blick
John Fuson (Sheriff) Lance Morgan
John Patterson (Outlaw Field / Airport) Laura Shroeder
Kimberly Wiggins (Trustee) Lawson Mabry
Laurie Matta (City CFO) Mark Holleman
Lynn Burkhart (Woodlawn Utility Dist.) Mark Kelly
Mark Neblett (Bi-County)

Mike Taliento

Melinda Shepard (Chamber of Commerce) Russell Adkins
Michael Wilson (APSU GIS) Ryland Keen
Nick Cunningham (TVA) Sherry Pickering
Norm Brumblay (CMCSS) Terry Jalinsky
Paul Nelson (CTS) Valerie Guzman
Karla Kean (UT Extension) Yanaraliz Barnes
Rod Streeter (County Building and Codes)
Sally Burchett (County Parks and Rec)
Shane Shields (Bi-County)
Shea Hopkins (IDB)
Stan Williams (CUAMPO)
Steve Davis (Cumberland Heights Utility Dist.)
Terry Cadwell (East Montgomery Utility Dist.)
Theresa Harrington (CVB)
Tom Hutchins (APSU)