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Workshops and Presentations

Additional Information

The Comprehensive Plan cannot be completed without the participation of residents, property owners, and other stakeholders from throughout the community. Your input and ideas are important, and the community needs to hear what you have to say. Through-out the Comprehensive Plan Process, there will be a series of presentations as well as in-person and online workshops. The community input from these events and presentation materials are posted to this page. To stay informed of up-coming public workshops and other Comprehensive Plan news please join our e-mail list by clicking the sign-up link below.


Community-wide Visioning Workshops

Please join us for one of three Community-wide Visioning Workshops.

Workshop 1: William O Beach Civic Hall
Workshop 2: Kenwood Highschool
Workshop 3: Old Glory Distillery









Kick-off Work

shops (March 30th-April 1st)

Over the course of three days, CMCRPC staff and Houseal Lavigne met with more than 100 people including elected and appointed officials, City and County department heads, the citizen committee, and eleven focus groups, to identify the issues and concerns faced by the community and to discuss its greatest strengths and assets. Click the link below for a detailed summary of public input from these workshops

Kick-off Workshop Summaries

Stakeholder Committee Comp Plan Introduction (Dec 15th)

In mid-December the RPC hosted our first meeting with the Stakeholder Committee to provide an introductory overview of the Comprehensive Plan. To see the slides and video of this meeting please click on the “presentation materials” bar below. This committee is a diverse group of residents of various professions, ages, ethnicities, and geographies in Clarksville and Montgomery County. Their key role is to be a sounding board for the Comprehensive Plan and connection to the broader community. For a list of committee members please see the main Comprehensive Plan webpage. To navigate back to the main page click the “Compressive Plan” link on the blue bar at the top of this page.

Stakeholder Committee “Places We Love” Exercise

During the meeting the committee was asked to describe a place they had visited and enjoyed and to think about the physical development patterns of these places. The flowing image gallery are some examples of these locations. Each place had three major features in common

  1. Human Scale – places are designed for people to spend time in and to move about on foot, by bike, transit, or vehicle. Human scaled buildings are typically closer together, and are more varied in architecture and detailing. Block lengths are shorter making it easier to navigate on foot. Parking does not dominate the visual landscape but is often located to the side or rear of buildings, or a centralized location.
  2. Public Realm – There is an abundance of places for people to inhabit and move through: streetscapes, sidewalks, pocket parks, plazas, and greens.
  3. Street Edge – buildings frame the “public realm” and common areas. Doors and windows of buildings provide “eyes on the street” and animate public spaces.
  4. Sense of Place – each location has a unique identify and character known as “a sense of place”

Important Documents and Links

The following are presentation materials used at our events

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Presentation Materials
Kick-off Workshop March 30th through April 1st 

Slides: Stakeholder Committee Comp Plan Introduction 12.15.21

Video: Stakeholder Committee Comp Plan Introduction 12.15.21