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Ways to Get Involved

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Comprehensive Plan provides a terrific opportunity for residents and businesses, and other stakeholders to communicate their vision for the City and County and identify what issues are most important to address in the near term and in the future. The planning process is designed to promote community involvement and encourage citizen participation. We know that the success of this planning effort will depend on engaging our community, so community outreach is included throughout the planning process.

Make a map Create your own map of community assets, opportunities, and concerns with the map.socail tool. For more information see below.
Take the Questionnaire  Answer questions about critical issues facing Clarksville and Montgomery County the Comp Plan should address.
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Online Questionnaire

If you are a resident, business owner or operator, property owner, developer, or community stakeholder of Clarksville-Montgomery County, we encourage you to complete the Comprehensive Plan Survey. The survey contains questions about critical issues and opportunities facing the community that the Comprehensive Plan process should address. Your feedback is essential to creating a successful plan for our community! To take the Questionnaire click HERE.


Map.Social is a fun and engaging online tool that allows individuals to create maps of the issues and opportunities facing Clarksville-Montgomery County. Map.Social allows thousands of points of interest to be identified, categorized, and mapped, bringing together ideas in a way never before possible. Map.Social is a public outreach tool, allowing residents, stakeholders, and other participants to provide feedback and comments tied spatially to a point or area. In essence, the tool provides a way for anyone to create a map of Clarksville-Montgomery County, identifying their own opportunities and challenges. To start your own map click HERE.

Community Visioning Workshop

The Comprehensive Plan cannot be completed without the participation of residents, property owners, and other stakeholders from throughout the community. Your input and ideas are important, and the community needs to hear what you have to say. The Community Visioning Workshop is an opportunity for the whole community to get involved. The purpose of the workshop is to allow residents and stakeholders to tell us what they think, before plans and recommendations are crafted. We will be hosting our first Visioning Workshop with residents of Clarksville and Montgomery County in late spring. Please sign-up to be updated on workshop times and locations.